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Reusable Washable Boosters

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It´s without a doubt the BEST investment you can make to raise your baby while also helping the environment and saving. 

Pocket Cloth Diapers
  • Saving Money
  • Eco-friendly
  • Reusable
  • Adjustable to any size 
  • Machine washable
  • Super comfortable 
 As we all know that disposable nappies are getting very expensive. Why not get these reusable, washable super-absorbent and comfortable cloth nappies/diapers, which are also called modern cloth nappies (MCNs) or pocket nappies. For your baby, for the cost of buying disposable nappies, these reusable nappies and inserts will last you for a much longer period of time. They are economical and environmental-friendly that fit all of your needs Green environmental protection for your baby and your planet.
Pocket Cloth Diaper

These nappies featured with adjustable cross over waist snaps secure the nappy probably and snugly, plus hip snap buttons prevent wing drooping. Easy stuff and removal pocket, plus birth to potty sizing system suitable for most baby weight around 3-15kg(6-33 lb). Made of waterproof PUL outer and soft stay dry Suede cloth inner. Easy wash and quick drying time.

Microfiber Inserts

Microfiber Inserts

3 layers of microfibre fabrics, approx. 35x13.5cm. Most Cost-effective type of inserts. Ultra soft, high absorbency, and durable. Machine washable and dry quicker.


one size fit all


The Reusable Nappies are fully adjustable due to the multiple rows of press studs, you can easily adjust the size (both the waist and depth) of the nappy fit from newborn to potty around 3-15KG(6-33 lb).

Start saving money: Did you know? That you can start SAVING between $1,500 and $2,000 PER CHILD! The cost of reusable cloth diapers is significantly lower than the cost of disposables.

The best part is that you can either reuse your cloth diapers on a second or even a third child.

When you are done with them, you can sell them or give them to someone else, sharing the benefits of cloth with yet another child.

Pocket Cloth Diapers
      • Eco-friendly: Each year, enough disposable diapers are thrown away to circle the earth around 90 times.

When using cloth diapers, you will only need around 20 for as long as your baby uses them.

When they wear out, they can be used as burp towels, washcloths, changing pads, or whatever you need a soft cloth for. 

      • Anti-leak: Our leak-guard tested snaps adjust around the waist and legs of your baby to ensure that all solids and liquids are kept inside the diaper while the waterproof cover keeps the diaper dry.

We highly recommend you grab a diaper insert to make sure that all liquids are absorbed correctly.

      • Adjustable: Our Pocket Cloth Diaper can be adjusted to three different sizes. It grows with your baby, offering the possibility of sizing the diaper as you wish. 

Suits babies from 8 lbs and up, until they are completely potty trained!

      • Baby-safe: Fewer chemicals on baby's bottom means less worries for you! 

Most disposable diapers are bleached with dioxins which the Environmental Protection Agency has identified as a "likely human carcinogen".

These chemicals can irritate your baby´s skin and be uncomfortable.

Our Pocket Cloth Diapers are made with soft suede cloth that makes your baby feel cozy at all times while keeping chemicals away. 

Pocket Cloth Diapers
      • Highly breathable: The temperature inside disposable diapers can be 3-4 degrees hotter than cloth diapers. 

Disposable diapers tend to be changed less frequently than every 2-3 hours, which is what´s recommended by pediatricians to maintain the baby’s skin dry. 

This increased temperature, combined with the longer interval between changes creates the perfect dish for diaper rash causing bacteria and many more.

Cloth diapers allow MORE airflow than plastic-woven disposables and help protect your baby´s private parts.

      • Faster potty training: As you're teaching your child, when using cloth diapers there is already an instinctive knowledge of what being wet and being dry is like.

That is why many cloth diapering parents are able to potty train their children earlier and quicker.

      • Easier diaper changes: Snaps on and off very easily and quickly. 

The super absorbent diaper insert and the diaper liner will catch any liquids and solids to minimize the mess in the cloth diaper. 

The diaper insert can be washed and reused, just like the cloth diaper. 

The diaper liner can be thrown away or flushed down the toilet. 

Reusable Washable Boosters
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