There is no universally correct number of diapers to store at ones. Like everything else, this also depends upon your requirements and usage. In further lines, you will get a clear discussion of the

various relevant aspects. After considering all the parameters the most appropriate number of cloth diapers needed for babies of different age groups have been determined.

Here goes the list of points you need to consider. Go through it carefully to find the answer to your particular diaper queries.

  • Age of the kid: The child’s age is the foremost thing to consider. New-burns keep wetting themselves anytime from an hour, up to six or seven times a day. If you are taking care of your infant, you will need a lot of cloth diapers – all in one, or other varieties. Babies within the age of six to twelve months might need up to ten diapers in a single day. Toddlers, on the other hand, need a change of diapers four to seven times throughout the day.

However, these numbers can vary. Depending on your child’s nature the number of required diapers may go up or down by a few.

  • Size of the stash: Having a decent sized stash of cloth diaper is necessary. Though it might seem a bit costly at the beginning, the result will be surely helpful. A proper stock of diapers saves you from shortage during the intervals between washings and dryings. You can also regularly rotate the stash for hygiene issues.

If you are using all in one cloth diapers, stash forty to fifty pieces. Such stock has high odds of lasting a year for a single child. If your stock is sufficient and you rotate it systematically, it can be adequate for two children as well! In case you have a smaller stash, go for replacement at the interval of every six to nine months.

  • Laundry pattern: The ultimate determining factor of the number of cloth diapers you need to stock at your home. The recommended washing pattern suggests putting the used diapers in the laundry bin every two days. So, you must have spares for two whole days. For being on the safe side, keep another set available for any unexpected bathroom emergency.